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Press Releases & Highlights
September 20, 2006

BALOGH reaffirmed its desire to master the entire production of its products by expanding its Normandy factory 4 years ago. Situated at Pont l’Evêque (14) in the middle of the countryside of the Auge region (, the site has benefited since 1977 from the large local pool of skilled labour.

BALOGH sees itself as an industrialist that designs its industrial products for other industrialists.

BALOGH, confronted every day with its own manufacturing process, the problems linked to logistics, work time management etc., thoroughly understands and can fully meet the requirements of its clients and ensure the continuous operability of their plant.

Since 1958, considerable know-how in electronic cabling, coating and control has been accumulated and passed on from team to team.

The production personnel harness this know-how to produce quality (ISO 9000 Version 2000 certification) and hence to satisfy our clients.

Our production plant, while using the latest automation and productivity technologies, has always maintained an indispensable human presence dedicated to the finishing work on high tech products.

Each product unit is check either by expert hands whose average seniority is over 10 years, or by an automatic process.

The factory is linked permanently to the two other production sites in Paris (France) and Detroit (Michigan - USA).

Each site, in complete independence, can produce all the products in the different technologies mastered by their
R&D departments.

Furthermore, for integrated electronics (Chip / ASIC), special manufacturing requirements or very large volumes of electronic labels, BALOGH develops strategic partnerships with complementary companies that have already invested in the appropriate industrial plant.

The BALOGH factory in Normandy is dedicated to the production of high tech products and perfectly illustrates the BALOGH group's development strategy.


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